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Boo Hollow Vinyl Figure - Series 2

Boo Hollow Vinyl Figure - Series 2

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Paka Paka bridges the world of Boo Hollow and ours. Normally, this haunted little village only appears once a year, but now everyone will be able to bring home the delightful residents who offer up good-natured mischief to keep the spirit of Halloween humming all year round.

Meet a new group of the Boo Hollow residents and residences! Share in their candy corn pizza, and pounce on crunchy Autumn leaves with new characters such as: Bat Lane, Cavalero (regular and black and white), Bella, Nina (regular and glitter), Raven, Scratch (regular and metallic), Sparky, Ori (regular and glow), 13 Cat Street, and Hex.

These mystery figures are sure to add a cute and cheerful charm to your dΓ©cor no matter the time of year. You may be fortunate enough to find the special Paka Paka Dragon! Vinyl figures vary in rarity and size; maximum figure height is approximately 2.5-inches tall.

  • Please note: Item selection is random, as each piece is in blind packaging.
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