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Fantastic Four, Vol. 5

Fantastic Four, Vol. 5

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Jonathan Hickman's Epic Story Reaches its Stunning Climax!

Earth is under simultaneous attack on multiple fronts. As the Future Foundation and its allies struggle to hold back the Kree Armada, Annihilus' Negative Zone forces prepare to enter our universe through a portal in the Baxter Building. And a fate far worse is coming. If Earth is to be saved, it will take help from Galactus, the return of an old friend - and a miracle.

Collecting Fantastic Four #600-604 - written by Jonathan Hickman (Ultimate Comics Ultimates); and illustrated by Steve Epting (Captain America) and Barry Kitson (Iron Man 2.0) with Carmine Di Giandomencio, Ming Doyle, Leinil Yu and Farel Dalrympie.

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