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Halo 2

Halo 2

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Earth Will Never Be the Same

The destruction of Halo slowed the Covenant, but it did not stop them. Fueled by faith, fury and vengeance, they have swept aside all of our defenses and gained a foothold on the most precious prize of all - Earth. With the human military scattered and crushed, the fate of the planet lies in the hands of one man. Spartan 117 - the Master Chief. But resourceful and tenacious as he is, the Master Chief will have to rely on new weapons, unexpected allies and a secret so incredible, it will change the Galaxy forever.

  • New weapons, new abilities, and a new environments change the Halo universe in unexpected and exhilarating ways.
  • Fight to save the planet in vehicles, on foot, and with the help of the last Marines on Earth.
  • Revel in a massively enhanced multiplayer game - and take the battle to Xbox Live.
  • With Xbox Live, join clans, customize armor, communicate with friends and enjoy a social gaming experience like no other.
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