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Iron Man: Armor Wars Prologue

Iron Man: Armor Wars Prologue

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With Stark Enterprises' New Space Station in Place, Iron Man - Whether Tony Stark or Jim Rhodes - is on the Move.

But if it's up to A.I.M., they'll be headed straight down... to burn up on re-entry! Even with one Armored Avenger down, the other's still up for adventure overseas and under water - but Roxxon Oil's backing a new opponent who'll have Stark climbing the walls and breaking through them, just in time to face Justin Hammer's B-Team: Beaetle, Blizzard and Blacklash! Featuring Spymaster and the Ghost, later of Dark Reign infamy!

Collecting Iron Man #215-224 - written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, and illustrated by Layton and Mark Breight.

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