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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

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Heroes Arise as Darkness Falls

Answer the call to battle in this Action-RPG where the Lords of Light and Darkness wage war for ultimate domination. To save the world from eternal darkness, you must overcome hordes of demented monsters, journey through twisted, surreal environments and face unspeakable nightmares. Use you strength and skill to end the Circle of Doom and bring back the Light!

  • 6 Heroes: Develop your favorite characters with unique fighting styles and nearly infinite combinations of weapons, armor, abilities and spells
  • Numerous Worlds: Explore worlds featuring randomly generated maps and destructible environments so you can play again and again.
  • Seamless Xbox Live Multiplayer: Turn the tide and crush the relentless onslaught of frenzied monsters by seamlessly rallying your friends to battle.
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