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Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf (No Manual)

Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf (No Manual)

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Get Out of the Battlemech and Into a New Combat Experience

Pull the trigger... Lethal destruction from a whole new perspective is at your finger tips. A lucky shot mangled your MadCat. It's payback time. Suit up in BattleArmor and seek an enemy 'Mech to "jack." What's yours is yours and what's theirs is yours too... if you're good enough. Crush the Word of Blake in campaign mode or take the fight online with Xbox Live. When you're ready... join a Clan and rule the universe... it's called Conquest.

  • Punish the enemy in BattleMechs, tanks, VTOLs or BattleArmor in a thrilling single player campaign spanning 20 missions.
  • Join a clan on Xbox Live, annihilate the enemy and dominate the universe planet by planet... Simple... yea right. It's Conquest, it's persistent and it's a whole new game.
  • How good are you? Prove it on Xbox Live. game stats and ranking are broadcast real time directly from the game to
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