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Project Gotham Racing 4

Project Gotham Racing 4

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Speed is nothing without style

It takes more than just going fast to be the best. If you can rack up Kudos and captivate the crowd as you compete in a global Festival of Speed and tyle, you just may have what it takes to reach Rank #1.

  • Choose What's Coolest - Two Wheels or Four: Race exotic cars through stunning cities, and, for the first time, feel the thrill of riding the world's hottest bikes in Project Gotham Racing. Pull off wheelies, stoppies, knee downs, and more as you slice through the pack, dodging between Diablos, Enzos, and Vipers in a fight to the finish line.
  • Weather the Storm:Β Race through dynamic weather systems that change during the race - can you keep a grip on things as you race in ice, snow, wind, and rain?
  • Team or Solo, You Decide: Race with your friends as a team or go head-to-head on Xbox LIVE as you hug a hairpin at high-speed or pop a heart-pounding wheelie. Showing off is even better when your friends are watching.
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