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Siege - Avengers: The Initiative

Siege - Avengers: The Initiative

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Taskmaster Rules!

Anointed as the nation's top cop, Norman Osborn was given authority over every facet of America's security apparatus - with the Initiative one of this greatest prizes. In all fifty states, the Initiative's teams of superhumans stand at the ready - and now they're under Osborn's' control! Along with the Hood, the Taskmaster honed the Initiative into a fighting force ready to be deployed at Osborn's command. And now that command has come: Join the Siege of Asgard, and lay waste to its defenders! 

 As Asgard falls, the Avengers Resistance makes its final stand against Taskmaster, the Hood and their Initiative minions!

Collecting Avengers: The Initiative #31-35 - written by Christos Gage; and illustrated by Rafa Sandoval, Jorge Molina and Mahmud Asrar - plus the Avengers: The Initiative Special, written by Gage and Dan Slott with art by Steve Uy.

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