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Spider-Man Family: Untold Team-Ups

Spider-Man Family: Untold Team-Ups

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A Heaping Helping of Timeless Tales of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

Perter Parker has a wonderful evening lined up for Mary Jane that starts with a horse-carriage ride to a popular Broadway show. But then the stage magic becomes terrifyingly real and it's Spider-Man who has a date - with the secret super team known as the Agents of Atlas! The action continues with an all-new untold tale featuring Spidey and that magical master, Dr. Strange! The good Doc ain't felling so well, so here's hoping ol' Web Head can cure what ails him in time to fight off EVERY mystical demon in the universe! And finally, (ribbit) it's time for a team-up, Spidey! (ribbit) Let's see... Iron Man's buy (ribbit), Captain America's a little under the weather (ribbit), the FF are doing their own (ribbit) thing... who's nout busy this month? (ribbit) FROG THOR!!!!!!!!

Collecting Spider-Man Family #4-6 - written by Jeff Parker, Chris Giarrusso, Kevin Greviouz and Chris Eliopoulos; and illustrated by Leonard Kirk, Giarrusso, Rick Burchett and Eliopoulos.

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