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True Crime: Streets of LA (Platinum Hits)

True Crime: Streets of LA (Platinum Hits)

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True Driving. True Fighting. True Shooting.

Hell has been unleashed on the City of Angels by merciless gangs. The only hope to restore order is an out-of-control ex-cop whose unconventional methods leave him rejected by the police and feared by criminals. Drive, fight and shoot your way through 240 square miles of real LA.

  • High-speed shootouts and intense stunts.
  • Punches, kicks, combos and vicious finishing moves.
  • Double-fisted firepower and slo-mo dives.
  • Unlock and play as Snoop Dogg.
  • Upgrade driving, fighting and shooting skills RPG-style.
  • 360-degree shooting and precision targeting from cars.
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