About Me

My name is Kevin Schaeffer II and I am the Central Texas Picker.

I live in Kyle, Texas with my wife and daughter.

My interest in being a picker initially started in 2012 while stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA and grew in 2017 when the daily grind of working for large corporations began to wear on me.  After 15 years in IT Support including 8 years in the United States Marine Corps I am fortunate to now own my own business.
I enjoy gaming in all its forms; video games, board games, miniatures, card games and role playing games. A couple of my favorite franchises are Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

In my store you will find a wide variety of collectibles spanning a few decades because I enjoy being able to provide a sense of nostalgia for people of all ages. The inventory I offer to you is inventory that I find interesting myself.