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Batman - Detective Comcis: Anarky, Vol. 7

Batman - Detective Comcis: Anarky, Vol. 7

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A plane has crash-landed at Gotham International Airport, but the passengers and crew inside appear to have been dead for years, their corpses seemingly decayed. Whatever caused their demise is now loose in the terminal; if Batman can't figure out who's behind this biological attack, the body count will climb even higher.

And after the airport is saved, a killer calling himself Anarky wipes the identity of every resident in Gotham clean, giving them a chance to remake themselves into whatever image they see fit. Though his new masked menace appears to be launching a revolution against the city authorities, he hides a more personal motive. The Dark Knight and Detective Harvey Bullock have the pieces - Anarky, Mad Hatter, a human trafficker and six dead children - but there's little time to connect them all before their city is consumed by total chaos!

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