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Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports

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You Are The Controller!

You've Got What It Takes

Immerse yourself as never before in the excitement of six major events from the sporting world. Your body is the controller, with nothing to come between you and the action. Punch, kick, run, spike or improvise, Kinect interprets all your moves. Compete for a personal best, or jump in and out of the action in team Party Mode. Anybody can play and it's fun all the way, so join your friends on the road to sporting glory!

  • Take down the competition in a "friendly" game of Boxing.
  • Loosen up and finish first in the action of Track & Field.
  • Level the playing field as part of your own Soccer team.
  • Keep your eye on the score in a fast round of Table Tennis.
  • Bump, set and spike under the sun with Beach Volleyball.
  • Pin down the competition in Championship Bowling.
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