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Madden NFL 09

Madden NFL 09

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Level the Playing Field

Key Features:

  • Most Authentic Gameplay Ever: Pull off new combo moves by stringing together multiple actions in succession, direct receivers' routes when scrambling out of the pocket, and avoid pressure with the all-new QB Avoidance Stick to take charge of the game like never before.
  • Fun, Accessible Gameplay: With an all-new playcalling systems featuring simplified one-button controls and assisted player movements, now rookies can learn to dominate like an all-Pro
  • All-New Franchise Scoring: Earn points for winning games, developing players, increasing attendance, and more. Then, see how your score stacks up as you track your progress with the all-new Decade Scoring system.
  • All-New Supersim: Take full control over the pace of a game by simulating a single play, a quarter, or an entire game. Take the field or take plays off, its' entirely up to you.
  • Earn Your Spot: Use points earned in practice to improve your skills and overtake players ahead of you on the depth chart. Once a starter, do whatever it takes to reach key incentives written in your contract.
  • Enhanced Fantasy Challenge: Three new league champions with unique special abilities have joined the fray with one goal in mind: knocking you from your championship run.
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