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Madden NFL 09: All-Play

Madden NFL 09: All-Play

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Football for Everyone


  • Fun, Accessible EA Sports All-Play: With arcade-influenced graphics, snappy gameplay, and an all-new Wii-exclusive playcalling system, everyone from rookies to All-Pros can compete in their own style, both at home and online with friends
  • All-New 5-on-5 Mode: Neighborhood-style tackle football jumps to life with fast-paced gameplay and a smaller playing field that deliver high-scoring, over-the-top-style games.
  • All-New Playcalling: Players of all skill levels can be competitive by calling plays from three unique playbooks, ranging from Easy to Advanced. Intelligent Coach Tips provide instant feedback to help you become a better player on the fly.
  • Call Your Shots: Unleash the power of the Wii Remote by creating your own passing plays in real-time. Select a receiver then point to a spot on-screen showing players where to run.
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