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Nascar 07 (No Manual)

Nascar 07 (No Manual)

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Real-World Adrenaline


  • All-New Driver Ratings: For the first time, each driver performs based on their specific attributes for each track and driving situation. Your experience on the track is different every time.
  • Drive with Confidence: The all-new Adrenaline Meter allows you to to improve car attributes by handling the most dangerous situations in NASCAR racing.
  • Double Your Winnings: Put it all on the line by wagering Skill Points against real-world drivers, then use earnings for significant upgrades.
  • New Adjustable Car Handling: Tune your car to handle exactly how you want with a user-friendly sliding scale for complete control behind the wheel.
  • Qualify for a New Ride: Take advantage of your new 1-on-1 racing experience with Kenny Wallace to earn a special contract in Fight to the Top mode.
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