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Rage - Official Game Guide

Rage - Official Game Guide

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Fully Labeled Maps of the Wasteland plus every major settlement and interior area!

Survive the Wasteland and shape the future of humanity with a Step-by-Step walkthrough of the epic campaign!

  • Conquer every vehicle jump, race, side job, and mini-game with our comprehensive extended play chapter.
  • Weapon stats and tactics to hone your combat techniques against every mutant, bandit, and Authority thug!
  • Stock your armory with the best gear using detailed breakdown of available weapons, ammo, and upgrades
  • Tune the vehicles in your garage with the best parts to gain the upper hand in every race and wasteland challenge
  • Multiplayer and co-op tactics, including tips straight from the game's developers
  • Find all the Rage frenzy collector cards with our gallery and checklist!
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