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The Unofficial Pokémon Go Field Guide - Paperback

The Unofficial Pokémon Go Field Guide - Paperback

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Millions of people have taken up Pokémon Go's challenge of becoming the greatest trainer of them all. Wish so many fans hunting, catching and battling with their pokémon, it's been impossible to find an edge over the competition - until now. Inside this Field Guide is every tip, trick, strategy and shortcut you need to become a legend, including:

  • How to take over any gym, no matter how heavily guarded
  • A breakdown of every pokémon in the game
  • How to develop the strongest collection of pokémon
  • Where to find the rarest of pokémon
  • How to level up as fast as possible

Plus you'll find stories celebrating the community and lifestyle of all thing pokémon. Catch this book before catching them all!


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