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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (No Manual)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (No Manual)

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Be Him or Beat Him


  • Elite and Unique Golfers and Courses - The most PGA TOUR Pros to date and 12 original characters, plus 9 PGA TOUR courses and 3 incredible fantasy courses.
  • All-New Worldwide Leaderboard - Check your ranking online and compare your game against golfers from around the world - you can even see how you stack up against the real Tiger Woods.
  • Play for Fun, Play under Pressure - 10 game modes deliver a variety of gameplay options - from the fun of golf with your buddies to be ultimate pressure of the PGA TOUR.
  • Swing Away in 6 Mini-Games - Test yourself in a variety of challenging SkillZone games of crush your buddy in a furious round of Speed Golf.
  • New EA Sports Trax - Hot music releases from Saliva, Paul Oakenfold, Ash, 12 Stones, and more.
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