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UGears Jewelry / Trinket Box

UGears Jewelry / Trinket Box

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Delicate, and beautiful, the Antique Box is designed to keep your treasures safe and to become a treasure of your collection.
The Antique box is a small handsome chest for storing and sorting small miscellanea or jewelry with 8 compartments inside.

The sides of the model are covered with exquisite floral carving with oriental elements. In addition to its beautiful design, it keeps more than one handsome secret, and one of them is a unique mechanism built in the Box.
Pull the upper lid to activate three main blocks: two of which are mirrored mechanisms on each side that move and turn the upper compartments.
The third mechanical block moves the lower drawer in the middle of the Box.
After this little mechanical waltzing, you will gain access to six compartments ready to accommodate your treasures.

Self-assembly, no glue needed
Model size (open/locked): 11 * 8.7 * 7.9 in / 6.9 * 5.5 * 3.9 in

Parts count: 185
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