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Weta Workshop Micro Epics #3 - District 9 Exo Suit

Weta Workshop Micro Epics #3 - District 9 Exo Suit

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Incident Report

Describe the accident: Someone let Prof. Elbows try the suit on before shrinking it and he went bonkers. Started flipping out, trying to find cat food and abusing co-workers in a South African accent. He usually abuses us in a New Zealand accent.

Describe the result: Relax, the suit is fine. It's fine! Sure, it's the size of an actual prawn now but that's beside the point. Note: the lab is mostly destroyed.

How to prevent recurrence of incident: Keep a supply of Puddi brand cat food on hand at all times.

Possible mitigation of damages: Pretend there's a District 0.009 film in the works and hey presto - this piece is correctly sized! ...Maybe?

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