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Wolverine: Dark Wolverine

Wolverine: Dark Wolverine

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The costume my fit, but Wolverine's son is far from a hero.

And when Daken slaughters a pair of masked assailants in front of witnesses, the world starts to wonder what happened to the Wolverine they knew. Norman Osborn, desperate to spin the attack, decides to stage another assault to prove once and for all that the Wolverine he handpicked for his team of Avengers is on the level, enlisting a gang of C-list villains to serve as punching bags for Daken. But when the villains learn Osborn's plan, they devise a plan of their own - for revenge.

Soon, Daken finds himself the hunted instead of the hunter. Does he have the raw survival instaintcs to muscle through? He'd better hope so. Because even if he fights his way out of this mess, he still has to answer to Osborn. And his father.

Collecting Dark Wolverine #78-81 - written by Daniel Way (Wolverine: Origins) and Marjorie Liu (NYX: No Way Home), and illustrated by Stephen Segovia (Wolveinee: Manifest Destiny) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (X-Infernus).

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